5 Tips to Keep Teeth Healthy Over the Holidays from EK Dental Surgery

Christmas is a few days away!

It is not a surprise that your oral health may not be your priority during the time of indulging and spending time with your loved ones while enjoying the holidays.

With that in mind, your dentist in EK Dental Surgery came up with a quick list of dental tips to keep your teeth healthy during this festive season.

Dental Tips for the Holidays
#1. Eat treats in just one sitting

Eat your chocolates in just one sitting or as part of a meal, rather than munching on them throughout the day. Eating sweets like chocolates and candies over long periods is worse than eating them all at once.

#2. Scissors are your tool of choice

We’ve all been there. It’s almost Christmas, and you’re still wrapping gifts up to the last minute. You’re hurriedly holding the roll of paper in one hand while ripping off strips of tape with your teeth.

STOP! Use a pair of scissors to cut tape instead.

#3. Be careful of Christmas toffee and candy canes

Toffees and candy canes are accidents waiting to happen on tooth restorations such as fillings, crowns, bridges, or veneers. Try eating chocolates that leave the mouth right away to reduce any damage.

#4. Freshen up!

The acids, sugar and alcohol levels in acidic drinks can damage your teeth if regularly consumed. This also applies to drinking soft drinks and even fruit juices. Don’t think that because your soft drink is sugar-free, it is already safe for your teeth.

These drinks are often high in acids and can cause as much, if not more damage, to the teeth enamel.

Enjoy drinks in moderation, and make sure you limit the damaging effects on your teeth enamel by drinking water in between glasses.

Adding ice to your drinks lessens the risk of damaging your teeth as it doesn’t only dissolve your drink but also reduce the amount of acid in the mouth.

BUT remember that chewing on ice can damage the tooth enamel and break teeth, especially if you have dental restorations and sensitive teeth. The cold can also worsen dental pain.

#5. Most importantly, don’t forget to BRUSH!

Brushing your teeth regularly should not be skipped.

Brush at least twice a day for 2 minutes each time. Not doing so could put your teeth and gums at risk of developing dental problems we don’t want to experience.

Reasons to Smile in Glen Waverley!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our team at EK Dental Surgery!

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