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Get ready to say goodbye to 2021 and, pretty soon, your dental insurance benefits for the year.

The new year is just around the corner, but before you cheer for the beginning of 2022, check with your dental insurance provider and your Glen Waverley dentist. You may have remaining dental insurance benefits that could end up getting wasted.

Reasons To Use Your Dental Benefits Now!
Yearly Maximum

Dental insurance plans have an annual maximum they are willing to pay within a calendar year. If you need any restorative treatments, it makes sense to take advantage of these unused benefits since they don’t roll over into the following year.


The deductible is the amount of out-of-pocket expenses you pay your dentist before your insurance company pays for any services. As soon as 2022 arrives, your plan requires you to meet that deductible all over again.


Through your insurance provider, you’re currently paying dental insurance premiums every month; therefore, you should be using your benefits. You should have regular dental cleanings and check-ups looking for early signs of gum disease, cavities, gum recession and even oral cancer.

Fee Increases

Another reason to use your dental benefits before the year ends is possible fee increases. Most of these fees increases occur at the beginning of the year.

Dental Problems Can Worsen

By delaying your dental treatment, you are risking more extensive and costly treatment. What may be just a simple cavity now could turn into a root canal problem later and maybe even lead to tooth loss.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

If you’ve been putting off scheduling your dental appointment, now’s the time!

Taking a few minutes today to schedule your dental visit before the year ends could pay off big time for the future of your dental health and financial situation.

If you have any concerns about your insurance plan, deductibles, yearly maximums, etc., contact your dental insurance provider before your next appointment so you aren’t surprised by any unexpected fees.

Don’t Lose Your Dental Insurance Benefits: Use Them Today!

Don’t let your 2021 dental benefits go to waste! Use your benefits to the maximum before December 31, and call us to schedule your appointment today.

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