Father’s Day Dental Tips from EK Dental Surgery

Father’s Day is coming up!

Our Glen Waverley dental team sends you happy greetings on this upcoming Father’s Day celebration.

To all of the amazing Dad’s out there in the Glen Waverley area, we made a short list of our dental tips to help maintain good overall health.

Get an Oral Cancer Examination

Although oral cancer occurs in all adults, it occurs most commonly in older adults. Also, oral cancer occurs more often in men than in women.

Worry not! Oral cancer is curable the earlier it’s diagnosed. Get an oral cancer screening while it’s early!

Book a Dental Cleaning & Exam Appointment

Postponing dental care is definitely not good for your oral and overall health. Tooth decay and certain gum diseases can affect your foods choices, which also affects your blood sugar levels.

By making at least one visit to our practice yearly, we can gently clean Dad’s teeth while checking for signs of any dental problems.

Wear a Sports Mouthguard

Wearing a custom-made mouthguard is an inexpensive way to protect his teeth during various forms of recreating.

Losing teeth is truly expensive – especially replacing missing ones!

Maintain Good Daily Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once daily. This can all go a long way towards maintaining your Dad’s denta health, and help decrease any unexpected visits to your dentist.

Dad Deserves the Best

Devoting some time to their oral health will go a long way towards keeping your Dad smiling and in good health.

The upcoming Father’s Day is the best time to show our appreciation to them.

We want them around us for a long time so let’s encourage them to take care of themselves as this may also be the one gift they treasure the most.

Reasons to Smile in Glen Waverley!

EK Dental Surgery offers a wide variety of preventative and cosmetic dental procedures for children, seniors, and everyone in between!

We are a team of dedicated dentists and staff working to provide the best care possible.

At EK Dental Surgery, we can help you achieve tip-top dental health and a movie-star smile!

EK Dental Surgery is conveniently located on Springvale Road in Glen Waverley.

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