How Successful Are Dental Implants in 2023?

Dental implants have been a trusted procedure to replace teeth with implants for years now. However, many refrain from undergoing the procedure for fear of it failing. The good news is that dental implants have a 95% success rate with the implants lasting as long as 10 years or more. Further, a tooth implant for replacing teeth carried out by a dental implant specialist is sure to be successful. There are also ways to ensure that the implants last longer, which are discussed below.

What Can Cause an Implant Failure?

While the possibility of an implant failing is rare, there are instances when they may fail. Some of the causes for implant failure could be:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Bone loss
  • Infection
  • Peri-implantitis

While most of these causes can be prevented, there may be underlying conditions – such as chronic health issues – that could make these causes inevitable. Habits like smoking or pre-existing conditions can equally affect implants and cause them to fail. This is when a visit to the dentist becomes imperative. An implant failure is easy to identify if you know the symptoms associated with it. Some of these symptoms include inflammation of the gums, sores, chronic or severe pain, the implant loosening, and difficulty or pain while chewing.

Apart from visiting your dentist regularly after your dental implants treatment, you must also recognise your responsibility in keeping the implant well-maintained. Like natural teeth, implants only require basic care with no special routine apart from brushing twice a day and flossing regularly.

With dental implants being both popular and successful, one of the few setbacks to the dental implants procedure is the amount of time needed to carry out the procedure, from the first visit to the last session of the treatment, which can amount to months. And while you may find dentists who provide affordable dental implants, they may be costlier than bridges. However, implants will prove to be a more prudent choice than other alternatives in the long run.

While implants are certainly successful in 2023, it is equally vital that you contribute to their longevity by following a proper routine for your oral hygiene. Further, any doubts you may have about the procedure can be addressed through a consultation with a dentist near you that provides dental implants in Glen Waverley. A good dentist will also be able to identify the right candidates for dental implants. So, be sure to discuss everything you need to know before you undergo your dental implants procedure to keep them maintained for long!

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