How to Find the Right Dentist in Melbourne

There are thousands of dental professionals practicing in the country, and finding the right one can be a bit challenging. If you are looking for a new dentist in Glen Waverley, this simple guide might help you.

Choosing the right dentist is the best decision you can make for your oral health and overall dental expenses. You want a dentist you can rely on, talk to and feel good about dental visits. As soon as you move to a new place, find a dentist right away as dental emergencies can happen anytime.

Things to Look For in a Dentist

When looking for the ideal dentist, you need to take your time and consider several things such as the following:

  • Location – choose a dental practice close to home or your office.  This will make it easier for you to schedule appointments and arrive on time.
  • Office hours – Liaise with your dentist to set up suitable appointment times.
  • Cost and payment plans – dental costs vary by practice. If you have dental insurance, ask the dentist if they accept your insurance and how much your out-of-pocket expenses are not covered by insurance may be. You can also ask if they offer multiple payment options such as credit cards and payment plans. Get estimates for common procedures like fillings, crowns and root canal treatment.
  • Emergency care – ask if the dental clinic has evening hours and if they are available on weekends. You might have to contact your dentist in the case of an emergency, so ensure there is an after-hours number made available
  • Professional qualifications – A dental practice must have adequate customer care policies on all matters concerning dental procedures. The formal qualifications of dentists that practise there should be displayed on the walls of the waiting room or the dentist’s room.
  • Patient comfort – you must feel comfortable with the dentist and the l practice, as they will be your partners for your dental care. The dentist should listen to and understand your concerns and problems.  The dental practice itself should have adequate and professional amenities to make your visit and treatment as comfortable as possible.  .
Additional Suggestions

Friends and family members can be a great source for finding a good dentist in your area. They can recommend a dental practice and tell you about the personality of the dentist and staff. If you are relocating, ask your current dentist if they can recommend someone near your new home. You can also ask other people such as your co-workers, neighbours, your physician or pharmacist about whether they know a reliable dentist around your place.

In addition, you can call your dental insurance company and they will provide information for dental professionals and dental practices in your area that are providers within their dental insurance schemes. Your local hospital can also recommend local dentists, as some of them even have their own resident dental practice.

Good oral health care involves and requires a healthy relationship between you and your dentist. If you are not sure whether your dentist is the right fit, you can always call or visit other dental clinics before you make the change.

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At EK Dental Surgery, we want to be your Glen Waverley dentist of your choice. Our dental practice is comprised of professional and friendly dental staff, a comfortable atmosphere and employs the latest technology in dental treatments to stay up to date in the field of dentistry. We make sure that every dental visit is a stress-free and pleasurable experience for you and offer treatments at reasonable fees. If you have questions regarding our services and payment systems, feel free to contact our dental office anytime during office hours and our responsive dental staff will be pleased to address your enquiries.

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