The Aesthetic and Health Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many reasons why you should consider dental implants to replace that gap in your smile.

These include the way dental implants replace the natural roots after tooth loss and prevent an aged appearance caused by missing teeth.

Dental implants can restore your youthful smile and promote healthy jaw bones.

This revolutionary tooth replacement can address both cosmetic problems and bone health.

If you are in need of restorative dental treatment, we can recommend dental implants in Glen Waverley once you pass as a suitable candidate for the process.

Replaces Natural Tooth Roots

Healthy and natural tooth roots keep the bone tissue in the jaw strong and dense. Other restorative appliances such as dentures can restore your beautiful smile.

However, your jawbone will lose density with the passage of time. This is because the natural tooth roots are not replaced to stimulate bone growth.

As a result, the denture will lose its perfect fit once the jawbone shrinks. The denture may need to be adjusted periodically to maintain a comfortable fit against the gums.

Dental implants, on the other hand, not only act as tooth replacements but also replacements for tooth roots.

Because they are made of titanium, a dental implant stimulates bone growth around the metal. Implants send a signal to the body that nutrients are required in the jawbone area to preserve its strength.

Prevents An Aged Appearance

Patients with dental implants appear to have all their natural teeth. This is because implants are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth.

They remain permanently anchored in the jaw to provide the wearer with an attractive, natural smile.

By restoring your bite properly and adding structure to the face as well as preventing the deterioration of the jawbone, implants can help prevent you from looking old due to tooth loss.

You will not only appear a little younger but also be able to regain your confidence that was once affected by missing teeth.

High-quality Dental Implants at EK Dental Surgery

Modern dentistry has provided patients with a wide range of great options to address various dental concerns such as tooth loss.

One of these options is dental implants, which is considered as the most advanced way to restore one’s smile.

If you want to restore your smile, dental health, and confidence, you can consider dental implants in Glen Waverley today.

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