Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Should I Have Them Removed?

We grow up in phases and wisdom teeth are just one part of growing up that many never even notice – that is, until they start causing trouble. More often than not, people have had to get at least one of their wisdom teeth extracted for multiple reasons. While some underwent a wisdom tooth extraction to avoid gum infection, others chose to opt for wisdom teeth removal due to impacted teeth. No matter what the reason, your dentist will only recommend tooth extraction as a last resort. And if it has been suggested for you, extraction could be your only option.

Here’s a quick read to help you understand why wisdom tooth removal in Melbourne may be recommended for you.

When is a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recommended?

While dentists often use preventive and restorative methods to treat dental issues, wisdom tooth removal becomes necessary in certain cases where saving the tooth could cause additional problems. Some of these include:


Lack of space towards the back of the mouth can often cause crowding of the teeth. When the wisdom tooth erupts, it can cause the other surrounding teeth to be misaligned or damaged due to crowding. Extraction allows the other teeth room to grow without any damage.

Impacted wisdom tooth

Often, the wisdom tooth does not have enough space to erupt, resulting in an impacted tooth. This can lead to pain in the jaw, swollen gums, and bad breath, all of which can be avoided through wisdom teeth removal for impacted wisdom teeth.


The teeth at the back are difficult to reach while cleaning, which makes them more prone to infection and decay. In some cases, the infection could make extraction a necessary choice.

Chronic pain

The wisdom tooth is often accompanied by pain. But if the pain lasts for too long or is constant, it is time you visit your dentist. Chronic pain may indicate the need for a wisdom tooth removal procedure.

Signs You Need a Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatment

While you now know when a wisdom tooth removal is recommended, here are signs that could help you identify when you may need one:

  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Constant pain in the jaw
  • Stiffness in the jaw
  • Sensitivity or pain around the area surrounding your wisdom teeth
  • Sinus symptoms
Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Recovery

Wisdom tooth extractions may sound complex and scary but they can be painless and safe too! Dentists in Melbourne use local anaesthetic or sedation dentistry to carry out these procedures that help eliminate pain and keep the patient from feeling anxious during the procedure. The procedure is quick and painless and can cause some temporary swelling and numbness.

Your wisdom tooth extraction recovery may take a couple of days with the swelling subsiding over time. You will also be given a list of wisdom tooth extraction aftercare to ensure complete healing without the risk of infections.

If ‘wisdom tooth extraction near me‘ has been your search query lately, make sure you opt for a good dentist by asking the right questions and narrowing your options down to the best. 

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