World No Tobacco Day 2021 in Glen Waverley: Commit to Quit!

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated around the world every year on May 31.

This campaign aims to support the people worldwide in their attempt to give up tobacco through various initiatives and digital solutions.

Losing your teeth may be one of many negative health effects of smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products, oral health experts report.

Here are the top 5 effects of smoking on oral health:

#1 Gum Disease

Tobacco use is one of the main risk factors for gum diseases.

Whether you smoke cigarettes, cigars, a pipe, a water pipe, or cannabis, or if you chew tobacco, you’re at higher risk for gum diseases.

#2 Oral Cancer

Most people know that smoking can cause lung and throat cancer, but many people still don’t know that it is one of the main causes of mouth cancer too.

Every year thousands of people die from mouth cancer brought on by smoking.

#3 Delayed Healing

Smoking slows down blood flow throughout your oral cavity and thus, delays the healing process.

Because of this, simple dental procedures become more complicated:

  • Dental implants would have a higher chance to fail
  • Tooth extraction site would be more prone to infection
  • Gum disease treatment would be less effective
#4 Stained Teeth

Smoking or using chewing tobacco products make the teeth enamel more likely to stain.

Once you start using nicotine products, it doesn’t take long for your teeth to take on a yellowish appearance.

#5 Bad Breath

Smoking and using other tobacco products are known to cause bad breath.

Smoking may also impair your sense of smell. That means you may not always be aware of how your breath smells to others.

Quitting smoking can ultimately improve your breath — and overall quality of life.

Stop Smoking Today!

Consult your Glen Waverley dentist to create a quitting plan that’s best for you and your oral health.

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